Mobile Pricing

It's simple - just buy the number of SMS credits you need for your campaign.


The price of sending SMS messages is 24c per SMS credit.

Text messaging credits


Send to

Credits per send

Cost per text message

Local Deliveries (SA)

1 credits

R 0.24

International - Region 1 - USA, UK, AU, NZ, Mexico, Brazil

2 credits

R 0.60

International - Region 2 - Rest of World

3 credits

R 0.90

Mobile keyword

Rent a keyword for just R200.00 a month.

Contact our sales team for pricing information.

Mobile verification  

Verify the accuracy of your mobile telephone numbers. 

Contact our sales team for pricing information.




Don't want to commit to a plan?

Ask one of our consultants about Pay as you Go pricing and Extra Send credits.


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