Email Marketing Reports & Analytics

Get to the crux of the matter and find out if your email campaign reached the right people. Check how many times your email was opened. Find out what the most popular links were. Discover who shared what on social media. Get to know your customers with the help of our Email Reports and Analytics feature. Here you are provided with a detailed post-send report highlighting all the action your newsletter has received. In other words, what’s hot and what’s not. This data will help you improve on future newsletters and email campaigns.


Email reports give insight into open rate, who unsubscribed and bounced. See social influencers to increase your reach incl newsletter engagement - GraphicMail

Real-time Analytics

These reports are readily available and free to download, and is jam-packed with analytical data on your newsletters. Get important feedback on who opened your mails, who clicked on your links and who shared your content on social media. You can even see which emails have bounced and who dared to unsubscribe from your mailing list.  This data helps you understand the needs of your clients better and helps you improve for the future campaigns.

Now you can see the areas where people clicked on in your email newsletters via heatmap overlay. Learn which part of your message connects best with your audience.

Heat Map Reports

Our heat map reports offers a graphical representation of the data collected. The values are shown by colour, so it’s easy to understand. Here you will be able to see which areas of your newsletter was clicked the most, and the least.  In this way you can find out which part of your newsletter connected best with your audience.


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Set up Google Analytics tracking on your email marketing account. Track clicks from your newsletter to your landing page and measure engagement.

Google Analytics

This is a free service offered by Google that can generate detailed statistics about your email marketing. Track all the clicks from your newsletter to your landing page, and measure the engagement. Simply set up a Google Analytics tracking code on your email marketing account.

Our email reports show you which browsers and operating systems are used to open your newsletters. Also track who used mobile devices.

Browsers & Operating Systems Used to Open Your Newsletter

How many of my readers use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome? And how many of them read my newsletters on their desktops, tablets or mobile phones? Your email marketing reports will tell you!

See which subscribers shared your email newsletter socially and via which social media networks. Use this data to improve your email-social marketing integration.

Social Share Reports

Want to see which subscribers shared your newsletter on Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels? It’s easy with GraphicMail! Why? Because we understand that this data is important – it can improve your email marketing and social media marketing integration.