It’s 2016 and 100 years since Copa América kicked off in South America, eventually finding its way to the USA. Likewise, it feels like 100 years since email service providers ever offered anything new to digital marketers.

Back in the day when getting an email was exciting, basic email servers allowed marketers to create and send thousands of emails at a time to email addresses around the world. Digital marketers got similarly excited when email service providers started offering open and click statistics in the early 2000s, meaning that marketers could improve their emails and marketing communications based on real data like opens and click-throughs.

And then, everything just kind of … stopped.

Sure some email service providers made strides to improve their sending infrastructure, but for the most part, email marketing innovation was left up to the marketers themselves rather than new developments in technology.

A New Way to Play

That’s about to change.

SharpSpring Mail+, an up-and-coming contender for email marketing dominance, is the new player on the field – and it has a whole bunch of new tricks to that out-perform the competition.

One of these new tricks is behavior-based contact tracking, the next step in traditional open-and-click tracking.

What is Behavior-Based Contact Tracking?

When you track what contacts do ‘after the click,’ you get all sorts of insight into their needs. SharpSpring Mail+ offers VisitorID, a tool that tracks every page visit, and form-fill-out by a contact to show you how a contact is interacting with your brand. SharpSpring Mail+ delivers it all in one visual timeline. You can track contact behavior across devices and can even arrange text or email alerts when contact visits a page designated as ‘important.’


What’s the Difference?

Any good salesperson or marketer knows that in order to make a sale, you need to know your audience’s story. Behavior-based contact tracking tells you their story, so you know every player you’re up against and exactly where the goal line is.

Equipped with this information, marketers can adjust their campaigns and tailor them to what works for their audience for the right reasons. It also allows them to automate their campaigns to each individual customer based on the most effective tactics built to convert leads.

For example, a customer may open your email and click through to your site only to become interested in a different product. If you were relying on regular open and click analytics, you wouldn’t be able to identify this unique sales opportunity.

Score your Goals

If you want to win the game of email marketing, you have to open multiple paths past the goal line where a lead becomes a sale. Behavior-based contact tracking helps you identify those paths and create completely new ones, so you can score the sale and ultimately win the game for your marketing campaign.

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